FUSKAI wrought-iron is made in the backyard by our little gang of  fundis (skilled laborers). all designs below are stocked. we are also happy to assist in turning clients ideas into one-off designs.

all prices in u.s dollars


bird feeder $75

large bird feeder $115

stand $60

flower ostrich egg lamp $130

plain ostrich egg lamp $100

small folding yemeni lantern $55

large folding yemeni lantern $80

stand large $40 small $35

wee willy candle holder $35

gothic candle wall sconce $45

flower candle wall sconce $45

flower candlestick $55

flower lamp $100

mara lamp $60

rolled towel holder $60

hang anything peace hooks $35

hang anything love hooks $35

hang anything groove hooks $35

set of six skewers $65

plain loo roll holder $30

swirly loo roll holder $30